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1 out of 5 school-aged children in Uganda are not enrolled in school and the dropout rate is 66%.  photo of student writing on chalkboard

Many of Restoration Gateway's orphans attended at least some school in the past. They were part of a struggling educational system, in which one teacher may have a class of 150 or more students. As shocking as this may sound, it is not uncommon in public schools.  

photo of Janice teachingAs might be expected, many students in these situations don't learn the material well enough to pass the Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) in order to enroll in secondary school. This is a major factor in a dropout rate which claims two-thirds of Ugandan students.  

What are we doing?

school logoRestoration Gateway is committed to providing a quality education for our children which prepares them to become leaders in society. Many of the children remark that attending our school, Oaks of Righteousness, is one of their favorite things. Our 12-classroom school currently has nursery through grade P4. This equates with Kindergarten through 4th grade in the USA.  

Currently the curriculum includes English, Math, Science and Social Studies, using the Bob Jones curriculum. photo of playgroundRG founder, Janice McCall, teaches along with a staff of Ugandans. English is the national language of Uganda but many rural people speak little or no English, so language is a major component of the school. The school includes a library and gym/multipurpose building. A computer lab will be added. 

How You Can Help:     

photo of students displaying their projects
  • Oaks of Righteousness currently needs 3 or 4 additional teachers. As the school grows, more teachers will be needed. 
  • Supplies are needed. 
  • Bob Jones curriculum student textbooks are needed. At present, only the teacher editions are used, but student books are desired as well.
  • A bus is needed to transport children for field trips and off-site learning opportunities.

To donate, please contact us or Give online.  

photo of student body